Sharks Gameday: Time



7:30 PST
15-10-7, 37 points 18-11-5, 41 points
10th in Western Conference
5th in Western Conference
98.5 KFOX,
Five For Howling
Ice Chips

A bastion of high society, Augustus Griggs was a man to whom time held no meaning. "A mere triviality" he was fond of saying-- and on this night, where bathtub moonshine had filled his belly to the brink, that bravado held no bounds.

Griggs was a man who embodied the human experience. He set the stones of cities, boldly constructing them with his calloused hands, only to tear them down when they no longer amused him. He defined the dreams of every dreamer. He was a legend that traversed mountains, preyed on the wicked, and set fire to the sea. A titan in a time of tribulation, a saint amongst sinners, a sinner amongst saints.

His most notable achievement would be the mere fact that history has forgotten him, or rather, the fact that Augustus himself had forgotten history.

In a tailored tuxedo, set ablaze by a pair of polished cufflinks that shone like the sun, Griggs surveyed the tide of faces that flooded into his posh dining hall. A finely groomed mustache, cascading down below his rigid jawline, carried with it a sense of accomplishment and responsibility. He was here tonight to inspire the citizenry at his annual holiday party, an event open to the general public in the quaint town of Bisonburg. It was held on the winter solstice for no reason other than that the fog enveloped buildings like a blanket this time of year, gently warming the frigid heart of December.

Making his way up a marble staircase Griggs took one last sip out of his flask, abruptly clearing his throat to address the crowd.

"The economist will tell you that time is money, an asset to be used to maximize one's earnings. The surgeon will tell you time is life, a means to survival. The priest will tell you that time is infinite, a blessed gift from on high. And the scientist will tell you time is fleeting, a thimble lost amongst the solar systems.

"Time. A moment we're all waiting for, a memory to which we wish to return. A smile, a frown, a love, a pain. A carousel we ride in pursuit of brighter days.

"This is the creed by which we live our lives. It escorts our actions, sending us to the stars. It holds us hostage, our bones aching behind its unforgiving bars. We are submissive to its whims, our needs and desires contingent upon the fickle folly of its ways.

"Time. A mere triviality. We define it, give it a name, only to let it define us after the ink has spilled onto the page. Time is not inconsequential because it is conjured up by men. Time is inconsequential because its abundance knows no bounds. We are always in the midst of the most important moment of our lives."

A sliver of silence filled the room-- his words hung from the chandeliers like crystal, his inflection embedded in the ivory walls.

And in a flash he was gone, never to be seen again.

Prediction: Sharks win 2-0. Goals by McGinn and Demers.