Sharks Gameday: Viva Las Vegas



7:30 PST
31-7-6, 68 points 32-6-5, 69 points
1st in Central Division 1st in Pacific Division
98.5 KFOX,
Abel To Yzerman
Winging It In Motown

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Ain't nothing like paying $9.99 for hotel internet

Ah, the city of sin. What a perfect place to sit down, have a few drinks, and watch the Sharks in (what recently seems to be) their nightly "statement" game.

With everything that can be thrown around on a typical gameday (today's would be rebounding from a first home loss, the startling fact Semenov will be playing on the blueline, bouncing back from the 6-0 bloodbath the last time we played, the game that determines the Western Conference leader, and a situation where one team isn't coming off a back-to-back), things are different when it comes to Detroit. A convenient way for us to "create odds" on the game, attempt to determine who is in the better position to win, and adjust our emotional levels accordingly doesn't seem to be justifiable.

With Detroit, it's all or nothing. And that's just the way I like it.

Prediction: Sharks win 4-2. Goals by Patty, Joe Pavs, and Boyle (x2). I win my fifty dollar bet and party at the nickel slots all night long.

Go Sharks.