Sharks Greats Voting Reminder


Hey there. Do you like me? I like you.

What's new, how are the kids doing? Sucking your 401K dry by spending money on the new Sharks Black Armor? Bummer. At least they're gaining an appreciation for some classic rock n' roll while they're at it. Back In Black by AC/DC is probably going to be the most overplayed song at The Tank on the nights when the Sharks rock the third jerseys. That's okay though. I'm not complaining. Nothing like shooting to thrill the home crowd, and shaking us all night long. What do you do for money Sharkie? Don't worry about it, have a drink on you instead eh? Gladly. What's that you say? Oh I agree, the Sharks offense sure is high voltage this year. Yeah yeah I know. It's a long way to the top if you want to rock n' roll with Lord Stanley. The highway to the Cup does go through Detroit. A highway to hell, yes yes, that's a good metaphor. I like your style friend.

Me? You're correct, I am beating around the bush. That'll Cheech You and I have been lurking around when the wary clock strikes midnight. Full moons in the sky, night prowlin'. We've noticed some readers haven't layed down the TNT on a certain Sharks great poll. That's a problem, see, that's a big problem. Make sure we don't have to slink into your room to remind ya.

Put your love into it here. I swear it doesn't have the Jack.