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Jabber Jaws: Bordeleau on his professional debut

Bordeleau: "It was good to get on the ice with the guys and start building relationships."

Jabber Jaws: Boughner, Couture & Reedy on missed opportunities

Boughner: "They made plenty of mistakes, we just couldn’t capitalize."

Jabber Jaws: Boughner, “It’s going to take more than one line to shut them down”

Boughner talks keeping a consistent line-up while continuing to test rookie call-ups.

Jabber Jaws: What Thursday’s practice reveals about goaltending

Boughner: "I’m just hoping that everyone else responds around our goaltending."

Jabber Jaws: Cogliano, “We didn’t take away what they were good at”

Boughner, Cogliano and Sawchenko spoke to the media following the 11th regular-season loss to the Golden Knights.

Jabber Jaws: Boughner, “We’re fighting for our lives here.”

Postgame comments from Boughner, Middleton, Viel and Hertl about Thursday’s tilt against the New York Islanders.

Jabber Jaws: Boughner, Burns & Couture on road trip takeaways

Boughner: "We have to go on some stretches here."

Jabber Jaws: Cogliano, “We owe it to ourselves to finish this road trip the right way.”

Boughner, Reimer and Cogliano speak about the Sharks’ defensive game and upcoming tilt against the Lightning.

Jabber Jaws: Couture, “You have to put an end to losing streaks.”

After a 7-1 loss to the league-leading Tampa Bay Lightning, head coach Bob Boughner, James Reimer, Logan Couture and Andrew Cogliano took to the mic.

Jabber Jaws: ‘Coaching decision,’ Boughner on Raska

Boughner also talks goaltending consistency and his history with a member of tonight’s opponent.

Jabber Jaws: Boughner on defense, power play

With defensive coverage an ongoing issue, the return of Sharks’ power play success and changes on defense improve the team’s playoff chances.

Jabber Jaws: Hertl, Karlsson & Boughner on Meier’s 5-goal night

Hertl, Karlsson, and Boughner, as well as the man himself, comment on Timo Meier’s record-breaking night.

Jabber Jaws: Boughner talks Penguins pregame

The same line-up will face the Penguins, but the team is focused on improving the power play, thanks to the flexibility Ryan Merkley provides.

Jabber Jaws: Karlsson frustrated by shutout, “You score 0 goals, you win 0 games.”

Bonino, Meier, Karlsson and Boughner all took to the mic after the 3-0 loss to the Rangers.

Jabber Jaws: Meier, Couture on overtime octopus

Meier: "That was something you don’t see every day."

Jabber Jaws: Couture, Boughner on Ryan Merkley

Quotes from Logan Couture and Bob Boughner’s pre-game media availability cover Merkley, COVID Protocol and how the team has fared the last few games.