Sharks Playoff Gameday: Playoff Math



4:30 PST
Series tied 0-0
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Over the course of the last three days we've ran through some significant aspects to this series. They are as follows:

And so it begins.

The time of year when bad Mexican food becomes a blessing as it gives you even more time to fart around on your smartphone at work. The time of year when significant others turn into ghosts, figments of a former life you slowly become unable to recognize. The time of year when looking like a degenerate is not just encouraged, it is celebrated. The more unkempt the more revered. This time of year man.

It's a drug.

Win tonight and you think you have the momentum, lose tonight and you're crunching the numbers over and over and over again trying to find the road map to get to four. And then no matter what happens, no matter how resounding the victory or soul crushing the defeat, in 24 hours it doesn't mean shit. Everything just evaporates and you start anew.

Playoff math. It's how our minds even got here. Sinful math, the ebb and flow that multiplies into something you can't even comprehend.

God save us all.

Prediction: Sharks win 3-1. Goals by Pavelski, Braun, and Couture.