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Sharks Playoffs 2019

Happy hand pass anniversary

One year ago today, Timo Meier became the most hated man in St. Louis.

Playoffs Round Up: Final ends with Couture on top

Also, the Blues won.

Playoffs Dayoffs: Preview and discussion thread, 6/12

And then there was one

Playoffs Dayoffs: Preview and discussion thread, 6/9

The Cup is in the building. This is not a drill

Playoffs Dayoffs: Preview and discussion thread, 6/3

"Wait, we get called on half of our head shots now?"

Playoffs Round Up: Blues continue to head hunt

A tactic Sharks fans know a little too well.

Playoffs Dayoffs: Preview and discussion thread, 6/1

The St. Louis Blues are 1-13 in Stanley Cup Final games

Playoffs Dayoffs: Preview and discussion thread, 5/29

St. Louis lost Game 1. The series is a foregone conclusion. Now excuse me while I sob silently in a corner.

Playoffs Dayoffs: Preview and discussion thread, 5/27


Why I keep coming back to the Sharks

Every year ends the same, but there are moments that make it worth it.

Exit Interviews: Thornton, Pavelski, Karlsson and Wilson talk about the future

Winning Play: Why it’s over

Quick Bites: Injuries, poor offense, tough Blues sink Sharks

You wait until now to play Micheal Haley 12 minutes?

Sharks 1, Blues 5: Sharks season ends in St. Louis

The Sharks’ run of defying elimination ended decisively.

How Sharks can improve their breakout

Playoffs Round Up: Bruins in four

With a Boston sweep, this may be the last recap of the playoffs.

Playoff Power Rankings Week 6: Logan-omic anxiety

There are positives to be had from the week, we’re just not sure what they are yet.

Quick Bites: Blown out by the Blue Note

The Sharks face elimination after losing 5-0 at home.

Winning Play: Game 5’s most interesting shift

Blues 5, Sharks, 0: Ugly loss leaves Sharks trailing

Blues lead the series 3-2.

Winning Play: Another slow start

Quick Bites: Binnington, Blues beat Sharks in Game 4

The series now tied at two games apiece.

Sharks 1, Blues 2: Binnington and bad luck strike down Sharks

The Sharks recovered from a slow start, but couldn’t crack Jordan Binnington a second time.

What’s wrong with Sharks’ power play?

Opinion: It takes more than skill to win a Cup

There are two things a team needs to do to win a Stanley Cup: players need to take care of what they can control and respond to what they can’t.

Playoffs Dayoffs: Preview and discussion thread, 5/16

Hold on, you plucky little upstarts! Hold on!

Winning Play: The Other Karlsson

Quick Bites: Sharks keep winning, controversy continues

A 5-4 overtime win was marred by no call on hand pass.

Sharks 5, Blues 4 (OT): Blown call helps Sharks take 2-1 series lead

Hand of Meier

Winning Play: Weaponizing...Bortuzzo?

Playoffs Dayoffs: Preview and discussion thread, 5/14

The cardiac ‘Canes have their backs against the wall. Again.

Playoffs Round Up: Eastern Conference Final edition

It feels good to not cover the Western Conference anymore because the Sharks are in the final!