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Sharks Power Rankings

Player Power Rankings, Week 10: Dude, where’s my Karlsson?

It’s a rough one this week, gang, buckle in.

Player Power Rankings Week 9: Logan’s Heroes

The captain caps off the rankings again. He must be pretty good?

Player Power Rankings, Week 8: Haute Couture

Got six in there this time! We’re metastasizing!

Player Power Rankings, Week 7: Tomas Pit

Get it? Like Mosh pit? This is like the seventh Hertl pun I’ve had to come up with this year, so he either needs to play worse or I need to get a thesaurus.

Player Power Rankings, Week 6: Tomas the tank engine

The Sharks are Radim-ing themselves with some solid play. I’m not sorry.

Player Power Rankings, Week 5: Zooming out

Let’s try this a different way.

Player Power Rankings, Week 4: Rock bottom

Nowhere to go but up! Right, guys? Right?

Player Power Rankings, Week 3: Hats off at the door

Alternately: Citizen Kane, Martin-izing fabrics, Barclay Greatrow

Player Power Rankings Week 2: A refreshing glass of Marleau

It should help wash down last week for, like, ever.

Player Power Rankings Week 1: Sitting at the kids’ table

There’s hope somewhere in this article, I promise.

Sharks Pre-season Power Rankings: On with the show

This sure seemed like a short off-season.

Playoff Power Rankings Week 6: Logan-omic anxiety

There are positives to be had from the week, we’re just not sure what they are yet.

Playoff Power Rankings Week 5: Meier at will

The final four is set, and while I don’t have any evidence for this, doesn’t it just feel like Boston-San Jose?

Playoff Power Rankings Week 4: Logan Lucky

If the Sharks go much deeper, I’m going to run out of movies with the word Logan in the title. I probably already have.

Playoff Power Rankings, Week 3: Money in Labanc

The Sharks move on to round two, and we go with them.

Playoff Power Rankings Week 2: Hertl Power

Wait, does that say Martin Jones? What is this?

San Jose Sharks Playoff Power Rankings Week 1: A night without armor

Sharks are going Stone crazy.

Player Power Rankings Week 27: Burnsing down the house

The boring part of the season is over, time for the scary part.

Player Power Rankings Week 26: The Goodrow, the Bad, and the Ugly

WAR. what is it Goodrow for?

Player Power Rankings Week 25: In Meier Straits

He says at last, just as the Timo bell rings.

Player Power Rankings Week 24: Nine to noon, non-stop Vlasic rock

Livin’ in a world gone plastic.

Player Power Rankings Week 23: Timo Time Springs Forward

Set your clocks three goals ahead before it’s too late.

Player Power Rankings Week 22: Marcus Scorin’, Son

All Hail Our Swedish Overlords.

Player Power Rankings, Week 21: Those Tricky Joes

Nyquist a Shark, and I liked it.

Player Power Rankings, Week 20: Oh Joe, it’s magic!

Karlsson is back! No, the other one.

Player Power Rankings, Week 19: Labanc Panic!

This weekend saw a mass hat withdrawal.

Player Power Rankings Week 18: On Hertl Ground

Grow the seeds of victory — Wilson 3:16.

Player Power Rankings Week 16: Hertl-ing toward disaster

Digging deep for positivity this week!

Player Power Rankings, Week 15: Game of Jones

He stares right into your very soul.

Player Power Rankings Week 14: Third degree Burns

Apply ice immediately.

Sharks Player Power Rankings, Week 13: Double Karlsson Edition

More Karlsson! We need more Karlsson!

Player Power Rankings, Week 12: Clearing Hertls

Czech that one off your Christmas list.