Sharks pummeled at home by Los Angeles to the tune of 4-0

Thanks to all the wonderful people who showed up for FTF Night At The Tank tonight.

It's a shame the Sharks forgot to show up as well.

In probably the worst game of the 2010-2011 season, San Jose got routed by the Los Angeles Kings tonight. They were helpless from the drop of the puck, and at one point in the first period, were outshot by 15-1. Seriously, worst game of the year. It's hard to think of a moment where the team came out this flat, and got this outplayed, over the duration of sixty minutes.

I didn't manage to take any notes during the game, so in the vein of today's gameday post, gimme back my bullets:

  • Antti Niemi was by far the best Shark tonight, keeping the team afloat for the first forty minutes of play. The first period was all Los Angeles, with extended zone time and some horrendous (non)clears by San Jose. The second goal against (Marco Sturm's, his first goal this year) was was about as weak as they come, five hole off a floater, but other than that it's hard to lay the blame on Niemi. He was much better than he should ever need to be in a game. Hung. Out. To. Dry.
  • How good is Anze Kopitar? Wow. His pass on the Kings fourth goal was a thing of beauty, one of the finer passes you'll see this season. Delicate and serene. McLellan went top line against top line for the majority of the night and Kopitar-Brown-Sturm vastly outplayed Heatley-Thornton-Marleau. It was night and day.
  • Congratulations to all who won prizes, and thanks again to everyone who helped us raise money for the Sharks Foundation. We're currently in the process of putting a big post together to celebrate the night, but we easily cracked the $1,000 mark thanks to all of your help. Expect something more substantial in the coming days.
  • I actually thought Couture-Clowe-Ferriero had a respectable night, by far the best forward line (once again) despite not getting any help from the rest of their group. They pumped some shots on net and generated some scoring opportunities. As is becoming somewhat of a tradition during losses, they kept their head above water.
  • I've been watching this carefully over the year, and am seriously considering when Couture's line is going to start seeing the top defensive pairing over the night. It'd be gutsy for an opposing coach considering the level of talent on San Jose's top line, but Couture & Co. have consistently beaten up on those second pairings. Greene-Scuderi had their hands full tonight, and the same can be said for every other opponent Couture has gone up against. If this season could be condensed into a seven game series instead of one game meetings at a time, I know who I toss Doughty-Johnson against.
  • Pretty sure we're scheduling next year's Night At The Tank for a game against the Islanders.
  • As much as tonight's performance deserves a rant that stretches past the "Continue Reading" stage, there just isn't anything to say at this point. San Jose got embarrassed, something the players were quick to admit following the game, and I don't think the written word can convey just how bad it was. Delete this from your Tivo, put a little kick in your orange juice tomorrow morning, and move on with your life lest you end up spontaneously combusting.