Sharks sign John Scott because they hate you

The San Jose Sharks took a day off of unbridled stupidity on the first day of free agency, but they're back on the wagon today after signing John Scott to a one-year deal.

In an effort to become less likable and more punch-oriented, the San Jose Sharks signed free agent John Scott to a one-year $700,000 deal. The two-year Mike Brown contract was apparently not enough of a ~physical presence~ for San Jose, who now boast a lineup of Scott, Brown, Raffi Torres and Adam Burish. Remember when this team was likable?

There isn't much to say about Scott at this point -- he's a known entity. He played less than seven minutes a game last season in 56 games and took 125 penalty minutes. The real winner of this signing is Brown, who is no longer the worst forward on the Sharks.

Here's an article on Scott from Second City Hockey. Maybe it'll make you laugh. Or cry. Whatever.

His possession numbers are garbage, naturally, but we can all agree what the Sharks were missing in the playoffs was another anchor to slow the team down.

Oh, and the Sharks have decided to bring ice girls to San Jose. So if the hockey team itself wasn't upsetting enough these days, at least we're bringing unbridled sexism to the arena experience as well.

The Sharks got worse today both on the ice and off of it. This rebuild thing isn't going particularly well.

Edit: I'm told Scott played a little bit of defense last year. If the Sharks are committing to bad players on defense, i'd just as soon have re-signed Brad Stuart. All things being equal, I'd prefer to have fewer goons on the Sharks.