Sharks Stadium Series jersey design leaks

Courtesy of Icethetics, here's a mock-up of what the Sharks and Kings will likely be wearing at their Stadium Series game.

In about two and a half months, the San Jose Sharks and Los Angeles Kings will take the ice at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara for an outdoor game as part of the NHL's Stadium Series. What they'll look like when they do so is still a mystery—or at least it was until the good folks at Icethetics received details on the new jerseys today. Here's concept art by Matt McElroy depicting what the Sharks' sweater will reportedly look like:


It'll take some getting used to but at first glance this seems like a definite upgrade over the Sharks' current, boring, all-black third jerseys. That's important because it's likely those sweaters will be phased out as San Jose's alternate home jerseys in favor of their Stadium Series duds. The half-and-half design is conceptually similar to what the Kings will be reportedly wearing, according to Mayor's Manor:


Basically, the Kings will be wearing an ice cream sandwich.