Sharks win fifth straight with win over Columbus

All the superlatives you can think of are on the table right now. San Jose is "doing all the little things right", "getting clutch goal scoring", "finding ways to win", and "their best players are playing like their best players." Antti Niemi has been lights out in 2011, making 42 saves in the win tonight, and the team as a whole responded to a middling sixty minute effort with yet another win.

Kent Huskins scored tonight. In a simpler time, that would mean a rush to the nearest supermarket to stock up on basic provisions like canned goods and water. In these times, it's just another inexplicable sign that the Sharks are on a nearly unfathomable tear.

The Sharks win, coupled with a Stars overtime loss, means that San Jose is in a deadlock for first place in the Pacific Division. It's a spot San Jose hasn't occupied all season long, and one that has come largely out of nowhere-- no one could have seen the Sharks going on a 9-0-1 run after losing six in a row. It's ludicrous to even think about. Hit the FTF Archives tonight and read the recaps and comments. You won't even recognize yourself.

Outside of all that however, we've got some pressing issues for our next Podcast. With the Trade Deadline approaching, there are a lot of names out there that are being discussed, and we've got some lined up for you guys. The Sharks current streak will certainly be on the docket, and we have a thought experiment ready to go as well.

However, we're a big fans of the ideas that you guys come up with, and want to tailor this podcast to suit your needs. Send us your questions here in the comments and we'll try to get them all answered on Friday night. And how about the front page coverage during the week? Do you want more stats pieces, player profiles when the team returns from the road trip, or trade targets to pursue?

Let us know what you're thinking and we'll do our best to deliver. We might not be as good as San Jose has been lately, but hopefully can get you a secondary goal here and there during what is bound to be an exciting time leading up to the playoffs.