Sharktoon: The Pacific Takes Notice

I know, I know, this isn't about Demers, but in my defense, I was working on this when the trade broke. A pink suit eulogy will come later.

The fact of the matter is, now having suffered season SWEEPS at the hands of the Panthers, Buffalo and Blue Jackets, (UGH), there's no way the rest of the Pacific isn't taking note of how far the Sharks have sunk. You have to think that they're breathing a sigh of relief, if not out right celebrating the possible demise of one of the West's best, regular season, powerhouses. Even if they haven't made the big dance in the post season, they've still been a perennial threat for awhile now, and they're starting to look very uncertain in that regard. They're out of a playoff spot right now, with no signs of potential to improve. At least, not any time soon.

There's a lot of season left, and time to right the ship but, right now, things are looking (and smelling) about as good as a flaming bag of doogie doo.