Shootin' The Shit: Forward Lines

At some point in the year, players on the San Jose Sharks won't be dropping like villians in a Stallone movie. A sense of order will be achieved.

Until that day occurs, we can only wait around and hope.

Every non-gameday Friday, Plank and TCY will throw out a topic of interest to talk about. No in-depth analysis. No brash proclamations or predictions. Just a statement, a question, or proposition. Some will deal with the future, some will deal with the present, some will deal with the past. All will be a kickstart to conversation.

Today is forward line combinations when the team is completely healthy, no matter how far-fetched that seems right now. Here's what we came up with.





And yes, we know Ferriero isn't on here. We've been more impressed with McGinn the last four games. If Mitchell doesn't come back until the end of the century (current Vegas odds) then Ferriero slides into that spot.

Go Sharks.