Silicon Valley Sports & Entertainment now Sharks Sports & Entertainment


The month of August is an extremely slow one when it comes to hockey news, especially when it comes to the San Jose Sharks.

However, the team's parent company did make a splash, re-branding in the form of both a name and image change.

Silicon Valley Sports & Entertainment, the privately owned company which runs the San Jose Sharks Organization and all related business lines, has changed their name to Sharks Sports & Entertainment, effective immediately.

The move is a significant one, if only because it brings the Sharks franchise and recognizablebrand to the forefront of the organization. Now, the company which also runs the SAP Tennis Open, Sharks Ice in San Jose, Fremont and Oakland, and most events at HP Pavilion, will do so under the name of its well known NHL franchise.

SS&E also owns properties in Memphis, Tennesse and Worcester, Massachusetts, most notably the San Jose Sharks AHL affilliate, the Worcester Sharks.

The new logo for the company borrows heavily from the NHL team's own, further cementing the organization's link to their most profitable, established and recognizable brand. For fans of the team, the logo does indicate a few things about any future jersey designs. First, the logo is unlikely to change in the near future. Second, the orange is here to stay; despite some fan apprehension to the inclusion of the "macaroni and cheese-esque" tone into the Sharks' color scheme, SS&E uses it prominently in their new logo.

Although this story may not register for many Sharks fans, it's important to note the commitment of the organization to the Sharks franchise and the NHL in the area.