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2019-20 Sharks Player Reviews

2019-20 Season Review: Why hasn’t Antti Suomela earned any trust?

The Finnish forward represents a divide between playing well and playing the "right way."

2019-20 Season Review: The Lukas Radil experiment is over

The late bloomer’s sophomore slump isn’t doing him any favors.

2019-20 Season Review: Alexander True has been a pleasant surprise

It was unexpected that True even got a chance this year, and what he did with it was impressive.

2019-20 Season Review: Lean Bergmann has time on his side

The 12 games Bergmann played with the Sharks were unexpected. Did the winger make the most of them?

2019-20 Season Review: Jacob Middleton is an NHL player, technically

Is he replacement level or has he only played ten NHL games? Probably both!