So long and thanks for all the mammoth tusks

It's been a hell of a ride but thanks to a new opportunity I'll no longer be able to contribute to the site.

After nearly four years of writing for Fear The Fin, more than three of those spent as the website's managing editor, the time has come for me to move on. It’s been an incredible experience at the helm of the best community of San Jose Sharks fans on the internet but, thanks to an exciting new opportunity, I’ll be moving out of California and will no longer be able to contribute to the site.

From the terrifying lows of the 2012 lockout and the Sharks’ playoff collapse against Los Angeles to the dizzying highs of Hertlmania and the 2013 sweep of Vancouver to the creamy middles in between, it’s been a privilege to follow this team with all of you for the past three and a half seasons. While I’ll regret never getting to cover a four-goal game by Joe Thornton, Raffi Torres rising from the dead to end Corey Perry’s career or a Sharks Stanley Cup victory, I wouldn’t change the last four years for anything.

There are far too many people to thank but I’ll take a stab at it. Thanks to the great Jason Plank for giving me this opportunity in the first place. Thanks to Ann, Jon, Jon, Jake, Jake, Mike, Patrick, Nick, Jen, Nate and Kailen for being the best editorial and writing staff anyone could ask for. Thanks to Patrick, Nael, Elvis and James for holding down the fort as moderators. Thanks to Matt Taylor for occasionally dropping in and always being a valuable person to bounce ideas off of. Thanks to the Sharks organization and PR staff for credentialing and otherwise working with our writers. Thanks to Travis at SB Nation for putting up with our profanity-laden headlines and my stupid e-mails. Thanks to our hockey blogger pals at Jewels From The Crown, Canucks Army, Lowetide, Matchsticks & Gasoline and beyond for supporting our work and doing terrific work of their own.

But most of all thanks to you, the readers, without whom this would literally just be me shouting into the void about a hockey team I care far too much about. Whether you were a Gameday Thread staple, furthered discussions with valuable insights, vehemently disagreed with everything I wrote, shared awesome FanPosts, strictly lurked or just dropped in from time to time to suggest the Sharks bring back Jonathan Cheechoo, thank you for being part of this wonderful community. I hope you stick around.

SB Nation will be posting an open application for managing editor of Fear The Fin soon but, in the interim, I’m leaving the blog in Jake Sundstrom’s extremely capable hands. I know he’s going to do a fantastic job with it. As for me, while I won’t be able to contribute to the site any longer, I’m sure I’ll pop in to be a part of the conversation.

For the last time, with an unnecessary exaggeration of the final syllable, Let’s Go Sharks.