SPG Picks & Photo Submissions


Numerous sites on SBN Hockey have instituted a prediction game entitled SPG (which stands for shot, penalty, and goal). The premise is fairly simple- for each period of play you pick which San Jose Sharks will have the first shot on goal, head to the penalty box, and score the first goal.

Sign up here: http://www.pickspg.com

It is imperative that you sign up with your FTF username so I can track the leaders. I am currently in the process of getting a website to offer some San Jose Sharks merchandise for the winner at the end of the year, so signing up as early as possible would be in your best interest. More information on what will be offered will be disclosed within the next week.


If you haven't noticed, we have a suggestion box set up for any comments you have concerning the site. Feel free to fire any bullets you have in the holster at us.


And finally- for any burgeoning graphic design majors (or those with too much time on their hands), FTF is looking for user submitted images that apply to some of the features we will be rolling out in the coming weeks. Photoshopped or otherwise, all submissions are welcome. Some of these include:

  • Torrey Mitchell blog updates (this one is already taken, but I feel it serves as a good example of what we are looking for).
  • Shark Bait (various links found on the internet concerning the San Jose Sharks, provided either by Amoc or I)
    Sharktistical Analysis articles
  • Various images that can be applied to either game wrap ups, news articles, or anything in between.
  • Fear The Fin site news (such as this one)./

Submit whatever you come up with to fearthefin@gmail.com. You will be credited on the site if you wish to be; if that is the case, provide your username in the email.

Go Fear The Fin.