SPG Sunday Standings

User Score
marcello 4 points
serrapadre716 3 points
Netsky 3 points
DaveValentine 3 points
godiina6 2 points
Mr. Plank 2 points
sjsharkdude 1 point
senor_k 1 point
imovermyhead 1 point
idunno723 1 point
ThatllCheechYou 1 point
Section223 1 point
LurkerShark 1 point
Cowteek 1 point
chilibean_3 0 points
TheRobberBaron 0 points
Amoc 0 points


  • Dave Valentine predicted all of the goals correctly last night. Definitely a force to be reckoned with in the coming months.
  • If you don't see your username listed in the standings, it means that there is a pending invite for you to join the league. The invite will be found on your homepage when you log in . Those users who have not entered the league yet are as follows:
    1. coreymulhair
    2. Dave
    3. GoldenStateGuerrero
    4. jawsofteal
    5. Metatron
    6. MNicks
    7. sharkiesgirl
    8. sharks
    9. SwisherThresher
    10. WilWu
  • Let the trash talking commence.