Spitting Out Soup

Once we're done unceremoniously burning any Brian Campbell jerseys and/or shirts we might have along with noting that we have yet another reason to despise the Blackhawks, now what?

There isn't any other UFA who's a genuine playmaking defenseman.  Do the Sharks try to snag one via trade, and if so who and how much would the team have to give up in order to get someone worth getting?  Do they run the tired "we're fine just the way we are -- wait for the kids to develop" line again with a sidebar of how much better Christian Ehrhoff has become and how he'll blossom into filling Campbell's role?  What about the need for a dominating physical defenseman and wingers willing to crash the net?

You can't fault management for not re-signing Campbell; his family issues made it apparent the chances of his returning to San Jose were slim, and as a snide snark the fact he chose the Blackhawks is a good indicator he's decided the best way to avoid the bruising nature of Western Conference playoffs, which he handled poorly, is skipping the post-season altogether.  That said, Doug Wilson and company certainly can't afford to stand pat.  The team is not good enough to be anything other than two and through, if not one and done, without external upgrades.  The next batch of kids is almost undoubtedly not ready for prime time.  The current crop is not going to magically make great strides forward.  This team needs help if it wants to become a legitimate Cup contender.  Period.  So what will management do?

Nothing to do but stay tuned, I guess.