Start of something new update

Here’s the direction Fear the Fin is headed

Hi everyone!

If you’ve tuned in over the last few weeks, you’ve noticed that we’ve tried our best to ensure that you have somewhere to keep up with our beloved Sharks.

We wanted to give you a quick update on where things stand on our end. As you see, we’ve worked with a graphic designer and come up with a kick butt new logo. (I may be biased.)

The transition from Vox is just a few days away. There will be a short period of time when this URL,, will not work. We’re hoping to keep this downtime as short as possible.

As we wait for the transfer of the domain name, we will continue to create content on a new, temporary URL on Saturday, April 1. The temporary website is until the transfer is complete. After that, you can use this URL or your URL to find us!

Our new site looks different than this current one. We won’t have a lot of photos at first — that’s a licensing issue we can’t get around at the moment — but that will evolve over time. What we will have is the content and the commenting platform that many of our readers have come to rely on.

As we have said in the past, this is about the Fear the Fin community first and we’ll add more as we move forward.

As you transition with us to Ghost and our new commenting platform, know that you’ll need to create a new account. While we can take the website with us, we cannot take the usernames, passwords, etc. Accounts on Ghost are free.

Transitioning the website, comments and more comes with a cost. If you have the ability, please consider donating to Fear the Fin’s GoFundMe campaign.

For small business owners, you can help too! We’re putting together some sponsorship packages that may include logos on the new site, sponsorships of certain coverage (i.e., draft coverage) and social media postings.

Our short-term goal is to have enough in the bank to sustain our website for a year. That includes paying our writers, new web hosting, a commenting platform to fit the community’s needs and more.

We will also sell merchandise on our new website.

We’re excited for this new journey and we hope you will take it with us.

Go Sharks!