Start time for game seven between Sharks and Predators set

It'll be an early start in San Jose.

Following the Penguins dispatch of the Washington Capitals in game six, the NHL announced the Sharks-Predators game seven will get going at 6 p.m. on Thursday. Now the only game on the calendar, San Jose and Nashville will be the focal point as the final game of the second round of the playoffs. No pressure.

The early start has pros and cons. The pro is that we don't have to wait as long agonizing through Thursday to get to the game...the con is that if you work a 9-5 it's going to be tough to get to the tank in time for puck drop. So let's go ahead and get those phony excuses ready to go.

The game will be broadcast on NBC Sports, and as such will be available for streaming on Live Extra. Don't worry, we get another full day of anxious waiting before it's game day again. Hooray.