The Battle of California


A parody of one of the greatest cartoons in the modern era

With the Anaheim Ducks making a run at a playoff position fresh off a 7-2 whooping of the Colorado Avalanche, the BoC matchup many of us have been looking forward to all season could materialize if all the cards fall into place.

Funny thing is, it may already be upon us.

Barry Melrose Rocks invited some bloggers from across the internet to participate in a fantasy hockey league last offseason, and the home stretch is upon us. It's playoff time ladies and gentlemen, and who did I end up facing?

You guessed it- Earl Sleek.


The match up is currently tied at five (out of a total of 12 categories), and every single category could go any way with more than half the week remaining. Hell, just take a look.


Tighter than David Lee Roth's pants

What we're hoping for the rest of this week is for Patty and Clowe to come back, and for Thornton and Gooch to continue their appearances on the scoresheet. Unfortunately, it would be prudent for all involved to hope that Pavelski and Vlasic stay silent until Sunday. A Detroit loss with Osgood would be delicious, but (gulp) I'll be pulling for a shutout if Conkblock gets the start.

One thing I think I've got going for me is the fact that Plank's Party Poopers got a bye in the first week, meaning that this is technically the first round for my squad. Second round ghosts of playoffs past can't stop me now!

Go Party Poopers.