The Daily Chum: What’s the best Sharks jersey of all time?

Head to the polls.

Yesterday we shared our first Sharks jersey stories so now let’s pick the best Sharks jersey of all time. Since their inception in 1991, the Sharks have had 14 jerseys (including road, home and alternate uniforms). You probably don’t remember all of them, so I’ve included 14 photos below, courtesy of the wonderful

If you vote for the Stadium Series jersey, go ahead and let us know in the comments so we can figure out who to cast out of the blogosphere.

1991-98 Home Jersey

1991-98 Road Jersey

1997-1998 Alternate Jersey

1998-2003 Home Jersey

2003-2007 Home Jersey

2001-2007 Alternate Jersey

2003-2007 Road Jersey

2007-2013 Home Jersey

2007-2013 Road Jersey

2007-Present Alternate Jersey

2013-Present Home Jersey

2013-Present Road Jersey

2015 Stadium Series Game

2015-2016 Heritage Jersey

So what's your favorite? We've got a poll below that is about as scientific as Edmonton's team rebuilding formula. Gotta keep making these jokes before Connor McDavid wins three Stanley Cups in five years and I'm left alone crying into a teal jersey.

What's your favorite Sharks jersey of all time?

1991 Home78
1991 Road143
1997 Alternate14
1998 Home3
1998 Road8
2001 Alternate24
2003 Home43
2003 Road4
2007 Home81
2007 Road7
2008 Alternate95
2013 Home78
2013 Road49
Stadium Series (are you serious? whatever. troll)19
Heritage Jersey224