The First Game Of The Pre-Season Is Tonight, Honest

The Sharks begin the pre-season tonight in Anaheim against the Ducks.  There's no broadcast, so following the game is a tad problematic unless you're actually at the Honda Center.  Which alas I am not.  Not that I could do much there anyway; did you know laptops are prohibited at the arena formerly known as the Pond?  Not quite the draconian security present at the Staples Center where you're practically stripsearched before being allowed to enter, but still a bit much.

Watched the first half of the Teal and White scrimmage last night and learned... not much.  It was noticeable that the defensemen were far less prone to treat the blueline like an electric fence, which is a good thing providing you don't get caught unable to cover your own end after a giveaway.  Which happened a couple of times.  Evgeni Nabokov and Brian Boucher both looked excellent in goal, which leads to the question of whether Nabokov will be allowed to play Iron Man again this season or will actually be given the night off more than once every three months.

Didn't see any of the kids looking extraordinary to where they are obvious potential keepers come opening night, but I freely admit keeping tabs on all the football numbers isn't my strong suit.  I did focus on Jeff Friesen, who during his shifts looked like, well, Jeff Friesen.  I'm wondering, given how Torrey Mitchell will be sidelined for several weeks, if it might be advisable to shift Patrick Marleau back to center and insert Friesen on the top line alongside Joe Thornton and at the moment Ryan Clowe.  But that's what they pay Todd McLellan for.

Oh, and the game currently going on?  According to the live page supplied by the NHL, it's 1-1 in the first with Joslin scoring the Sharks goal on the power play.  And there have been four fighting majors in less than fifteen minutes.  Yup, it's the Ducks all right.  Oh to be there.

If the Sharks had all pre-season games available as streaming audio and/or video online, would you perch in front of your computer for them?

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