The Los Angeles Kings are moving to Las Vegas (for two preseason games)

Okay, okay...just for two preseason games.

The brand new T-Mobile Arena opened in Las Vegas Wednesday and, in the somewhat near future, will hold a new NHL team. But first, the Los Angeles Kings move into the arena for two preseason games so we'll know long before the Las Vegas Black Aces (or whatever) exist how the new building holds up.

Unfortunately (for me, who lives three hours from Las Vegas) the Kings play the Dallas Stars and Colorado Avalanche — not the Sharks, or even the Anaheim Ducks. The Kings played an outdoor game in Las Vegas way back in the day and are no strangers to games in Sin City. For the past few preseasons they've played at the MGM Arena, home of the (now defunct) Las Vegas Wranglers.

T-Mobile Arena is also owned and operated by MGM.

Correction: The Kings have played preseason games at the MGM arena since 1997, but the Wranglers played at the Oasis Orleans Arena. The More You Know.