The Morning After: Celebrating Randy Hahn

Randy Hahn has had a definite impact on the way we watch San Jose hockey.

Sharks play-by-play man Randy Hahn called his 1,500th San Jose game last night. If that seems like a lot, it's because it is. Hahn has had an indelible impact on the way we consume Sharks hockey, so it seems only fitting to celebrate the man who has meant so much to this fanbase.

Let's start with Tomas Hertl's overtime winner last night. This has the Hahn hallmarks of (Player name), shoots, SCORES!

Diagnosing a Hahn goal call is pretty simple, in fact it's about as simple a formula as can exist for a play-by-play broadcaster. I think there's something to that. I don't sit around musing about the perfect play-by-play broadcaster, but there's definitely a simple elegance to the way Hahn calls a game. He allows himself emotion, something I think is a lot of fun for a hometown broadcaster, and at times he matches the intensity of the crowd he's calling the game for.

An added bonus is that Hahn often gets the opportunity to call national games when NBCSN decides to use the "A Team" for the Eastern Conference matchup. For Sharks fans in the area, it means a chance to hear Hahn even when San Jose is on national television — and for out of towners like me, it means getting to hear Hahn on TV when ordinarily I wouldn't. Plus, knowing that it drives Kings fans absolutely nuts having to listen to Hahn for a whole contest is icing on the cake.

Appreciating what Hahn did for San Jose hockey goes far beyond any Saturday Night On Ice.

In 1990, Hahn lived in San Jose and was instrumental in helping bring the NHL to this area, serving as vice president of Pro Hockey San Jose – a grassroots, non-profit corporation formed for the purpose of attracting an NHL franchise to the new multi-purpose venue being built in downtown San Jose.

Mission accomplished. Hahn has been a part of the Sharks before the Sharks were...well, the Sharks.

My earliest memories of Sharks hockey involve Hahn's voice through my old, shitty television — and some of my favorite moments in San Jose history have come with Hahn on the microphone. I'll include some of my favorites below — admittedly many of these are of the recent variety, so I'd love to see (and hear) some of your favorites from over the years.

Sharks comeback against the Kings

Tomas Hertl scores four times

Joe Thornton game-winner