The Pavelski Show; Sharks Win 3-2

[Editor's Note]: Mr. K has a wrap up of the game here as well. Looks like we had a mix up on the duties for tonight. Who knew that (and I quote), "My post-game wrap most likely won’t be ready tonight...... I grant Mr. Plank full authority to write his own recap if he so wishes" meant that he'd be as diligent as ever. Regardless, read them both. His is funnier than mine too.

With the way things started you had to look back to the previous game in Phoenix. Sharks go up 2-0 early and proceed to give up four unanswered goals.

This time the tables were turned as San Jose extended their winning streak to seven games. Yes, seven games. Last year we would have been avoiding talking about it for fear of jinxing the good karma that was rolling.

Now we're avoiding talking about it because it's about as common as hearing your grandpa ask what "the big hullabaloo over the internet" is. Man I love Thanksgiving.

Some quick thoughts on the game follow the jump.

  • Marcel Goc has been playing fairly poorly the last four games, but tonight he was on. Great poise behind the net to find Blake for the tying goal in the first, and a knack for winning the face-off when we need it.
  • Pavelski always gives us a big goal when we need one. Ever since game five against Dallas last year he's been my unofficial go-to-guy when the Sharks need a goal.
  • Gentle Jumbo Joe no more. He's been playing with an edge this year (Calgary, Nashville and tonight come to mind) and I love it.
  • On that note, Martin Hanzel and Thornton were going at it all night. I'd have to give the edge to Hanzel. 56% in the circle to Joe's 45% and drawing the extra two minutes on Thornton's penalty (when Joe lost his cool and gave Hanzel a shoulder well after the whistle).
  • Alexei Semenov has one of the hardest slap shots in the league (true fact). Doesnt do you any good when you rip one into the netting from the point.
  • Patty has been having a lot of trouble finishing lately. Two great chances tonight (somewhere in the second period and on the power play in the third) where he missed the net. He's still been getting on the board, so when he gets hot watch out.
  • I was impressed with how much the Coyotes pressured our power play, and it paid off.
  • Vlasic once again had a quiet good game. Excellent play in the third period to break up a developing two on one.
  • Nabokov proved tonight why there is no goaltending controversy in San Jose. Huge saves down the stretch to keep the Sharks in the win column.
  • Phoenix was limited to four shots in the third, the majority of them coming after the last TV timeout. That's how you win hockey games./

Go Sharks.