The Roenick Life


Hey kids. Everyone knows Roenick puts the rock into Rock N' Roll. But the biggest news story of today isn't that he is currently tied for 40th on the all-time point scoring list, nor is it about his superhuman ability to save lives across the country. No, no. As of this moment, the greatest American born hockey player of all-time is taking his show to bigger venues.

Teh interwebs.

Good ol' JR is here to deliver all the jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring, grab the smelling salts because you're about to pass out from all the excitement activity he's brought to the arena since he first barged into the league. The man knows how to win a heart- hell, he's a goddamn heart attack.

So in these times of economic woe, scrap that expensive holiday trip to grandma's house and head over to instead. Your pocketbook (and dopamine receptors) will thank me.

[Editor's Note]: The nine time All-Star also had a recent interview on KNBR which can be found here. H/T to idunno723 for the link.