The Toronto Maple Leafs win the 2016 NHL lottery

We know where Auston Matthews is going.

After 15 minutes of extremely uncomfortable shots of sad, old white men we found out where Auston Matthews will go after the NHL draft: Toronto.

The Leafs had a 20 percent chance of winning the lottery.

Most notable is the Edmonton Oilers did not get the first overall pick in this year's draft. They slid to fourth as both the Columbus Blue Jackets and Winnipeg Jets moved up a few spots into the top three.

None of this impacts the Sharks, of course, who don't even have a first round draft pick this year. Still, it's nice that Matthews will get his start somewhere other than the Pacific Division.

Draft order:

1. Toronto

2. Winnipeg

3. Columbus

4. Edmonton

5. Vancouver

6. Calgary

7. Arizona

8. Buffalo

9. Montreal

10. Colorado

11. New Jersey

12. Ottawa

13. Carolina

14. Boston

Here were the full list of odds before the lottery:

Team Odds
Toronto Maple Leafs 20%
Edmonton Oilers 13.5%
Vancouver Canucks 11.5%
Columbus Blue Jackets 9.5%
Calgary Flames 8.5%
Winnipeg Jets 7.5%
Arizona Coyotes 6.5%
Buffalo Sabres 6%
Montreal Canadiens 5%
Colorado Avalanche 3.5%
New Jersey Devils 3%
Ottawa Senators 2.5%
Carolina Hurricanes 2%
Boston Bruins 1%