Third Annual FTF Photoshop Expo

There's some off time for the Sharks here over the next few days, but that doesn't mean Fear The Fin takes a break. No siree.

Nope, we're working hard to bring you the Third Annual FTF Photoshop Expo! That's where we make a thread and sit back while you fill it with great ideas!

Hard, hard work for us.

Regulars will know the drill. Use Photoshop (or Gimp... it's free!) to put your favorite Sharks player, coach or whatever, anywhere you choose. Keep it PG, though... we don't want a glimpse into your inner psyche or anything.

To get you started, here are some All-Star Themed 'chops from Plank and Matt.


"Despite thoughts to the contrary, Logan Couture was pretty pumped to make it to the final two and win a car."


Seriously, can our McGinn fandom reach a higher level? We offer you this McGinnivational Poster to get over the obvious and egregious McGinn All-Star Game snub.