This Is Hockey Culture, Ep. 5: The Anaheim Ducks and Bob Murray

In this episode, we talk about the investigation into Bob Murray and the Ducks’ organization, plus the economics and marketing tactics of the NHL in light of allegations of abuse.

It’s Monday, which means it’s This Is Hockey Culture podcast day; my favorite day of the week!

Sam is back from vacation, and ready to break down the Anaheim Ducks organization, Bob Murray’s resignation and the independent investigation. We also discuss the economics behind the NHL’s new PR tactics in light of the Chicago Blackhawks’ investigation and what fans can expect from the NHL when it comes to publicly handling allegations of abuse and investigations.

We begin the episode with an overview of the ongoing investigation into the Ducks organization and former general manager Bob Murray. Then we talk about the NHL’s reaction to the Ducks’ news, and comparisons between the Blackhawks and the Ducks in their handling of the public image of the team while the investigation is taking place.

Sam considers the shift in hockey culture when it comes to instances of abuse in organizations, and the positive impact Kyle Beach’s bravery has had on the league, and I scrutinize the marketing of hockey and hockey culture.

We end the episode with our last thoughts, and that we’ll be keeping an eye on the results of the Ducks’ independent investigation, as it’s an ongoing process.

You can tune into the episode here, and be back on Friday to read the full episode in transcript form.

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