This Is Hockey Culture, Ep. 6: What makes a good NHL general manager?

With the number of general mangers leaving their clubs this season, it begs the question — what makes an NHL GM?

Long time no see! This Is Hockey Culture podcast took a mini-break for the holidays, (and then another week off for technical difficulties) but we’re back this week with another episode, this time, all about NHL general managers.

Jim Benning was finally ousted from the Vancouver Canucks, and Marc Bergevin has outlived his welcome with the Montreal Canadiens, plus Bob Murray and Stan Bowman have left their respective teams amid scandals. With so many NHL General Managers under the microscope lately, Sam and I wanted to break down the elusive NHL general manager role, and ask the question; what makes a good GM?

Sam and I first tackle what it takes to be an NHL GM and what the job entails; What are their day-to-day duties, and how does that relate to what makes a good GM, both on and off the ice, and why is competent GM essential to a team’s long-term success? Plus, Sam and I give some examples of which current general managers are leading their teams to a Stanley Cup.

Then we interweave a conversation about power and accountability and what the future holds for the league and this position, including a conversation about the importance of adaptability, workplace environment and the demographics that make up the NHL’s general manager population.

We’re glad to be back this week, and we hope you are too! You can listen to the episode below, catch up on previous episodes and read along with Episode 6 this Friday.