Introducing This Is Hockey Culture, a Fear The Fin podcast

A new hockey podcast that asks what makes hockey, <em>hockey?</em>

Fear The Fin is introducing This Is Hockey Culture, the newest hockey podcast from SB Nation!

This Is Hockey Culture breaks down the most pressing news circulating the NHL by examining the intersections of politics, identity, sports and culture in order to define what makes hockey, hockey.

Think of This Is Hockey Culture like a verbal Op-Ed; a conversation between yours truly, Kat Pitré, and Emmy-Award Winning Associate Producer Sam Siciliano, that covers topical hockey storylines and the culture behind it with a fresh perspective that won’t be found anywhere else but at SB Nation.

Starting October 18, This Is Hockey Culture will be releasing 30-40 minute episodes each week. You can find This Is Hockey Culture everywhere you regularly listen to your podcasts, like Spotify and Apple Podcasts, as well as here on Fear The Fin.

In the first episode, Sam and I will be breaking down the relationship between Jack Eichel and the Buffalo Sabres since his season-ending injury, in order to open a larger discussion on bodily autonomy and question who exactly owns athlete’s bodies (and if the NHLPA has an ethical obligation to step in). Plus, we’ll discuss how the Jack Eichel situation relates to the ongoing conversation of whether or not the NHL can mandate vaccines for their players.

If you’re interested in that (and much, much more), mark your calendars and keep an eye on Fear The Fin for the first episode of This Is Hockey Culture in two weeks!

Check out the trailer below or click here to listen!