This story is a place holder, for holding places

Judging by the traffic Fear The Fin continues to see here in mid July, people are still hungry for Sharks news.

I know I haven't had my fill just yet.

At any rate, ol' Papa Plank currently working on a Willie Mitchell piece for tomorrow with outside opinions that will paint a better picture of a) how Mitchell could fill a top three defensive defenseman role with the Sharks and b) whether or not those concussion issues are as big as they have been made out to be. It's surprising to me that Mitchell hasn't signed yet, but until I can get some quotes from those in the know, you have to figure those issues might be more serious than a lot of us initially thought. Otherwise he has a job right now.

In other news, what's new with you guys? There seems to be some rumblings on the site that the Fanpost section is being littered with gar-baaage, so I've attached a poll if you want me to lay down the pipe in terms of cleaning that up. Boris The Blade is on my speed dial so there's enough muscle to back the talk. Off the top of my head, these are two excellent examples of what the section should be used for, as opposed to it's current state of being the Wild West of Fear The Fin posting possibilities.

I've been watching a lot of Arrested Development with the girlfriend lately, which is nice. There have been nights where we watch the same episode three times in a row (primarily from season two), which brings the running total of viewings for select installments to about twenty seven considering I've been a fan for about six years. Big plus to break up the monotomy of being a member of the working class.

Also, I just want to give a big fat rec to everyone who busted me up today in front of my computer with the Arrested Dev comment references. TheOtherKid's banana stand was solid as hell, as well as Khaz's "Baby, you got a stew going!" If it was up to me SBN would just auto green those bad boys as soon as they're posted.

Shit. This should go in the off topic thread. Moving onwards!

Podcast News (unnecessary bolding because, dammit, a transition is hard to come by). I'd like to get a debate going on what should be the focus of our next podcast, set to be recorded this Friday. I haven't cleared this with TCY yet (not that I tried too hard-- pretty sure I only called him once about ten minutes ago), but I'm thinking that the issues with Talk Shoe were bad enough where we might record a thirty minute session with me and him debating some relevant issues, record a second thirty minute session immediately afterwards where we take calls right from the get go on another service like Blog Talk Radio (H/T to whoever suggested that earlier), and then edit the whole thing together in Garageband for posting on the front page. It seems like the best way to go about things, but your input (as well as yours TCY!) is always appreciated and welcome.

Until tomorrow ladies and gentleman...

Go Sharks.

Is the Fanpost section out of hand?