Those Patrick Marleau trade rumors aren't going away

i want to die

There's a package out there that would make trading Patrick Marleau a good deal for Sharks (the hockey team). There's not a package in the world that wouldn't hurt. So here we are, over a month removed from the oh-my-god-Marleau-is-being-traded firestorm and it's clear these rumors aren't going to bed. Assholes. This is what happens over Christmas break; you let them stay up late a few nights and all of a sudden it's the new normal.

Anyway, about those trade rumors. We've got Pierre LeBrun to thank for the information (or whatever) -- you can see the relevant tweets linked below. I'll be over here sobbing into a Regular Season Western Conference Champions sweater.

(The Brisson in these tweets is Pat Brisson, Marleau's agent, FYI)

So that's where we are. It seems Marleau wants out and that Doug Wilson is willing to move him if the price is right. He has a responsibility to make the hockey team better and I have no doubt he won't let sentiment get in the way of a good deal — still, it would be nothing short of mortifying to see Marleau suit up for another team.