Three Down... And A Lot More To Go

Okay, it's early.  Very early.  Still, it's difficult to not take encouragement from the way the Sharks have played in the first three games of this brand-new season.

Todd McLellan has obviously gotten his team's attention in terms of modifying its style from pass-happy timidity to let 'er rip, especially from the blueliners.  Rob Blake is obviously relishing his place on this team, constantly firing bombs to which his teammates up front are responding by crashing the net.

The issue during pre-season of the defense not being up on things to where it knew how and when to get back from pressuring up front has yet to rear its ugly head now that the games count.  Having Evgeni Nabokov in nets doesn't hurt, but at the moment Brain Boucher owns the team's lone shutout, picked up last night in L.A. as the Sharks needed naught but a single tally to win the game.

Also encouraging has been the play of Joe Thornton.  Gone is the repeated setting up shop outside the nearside faceoff circle.  Instead, Thornton is making plays from every location imaginable including from behind the net.  Very good stuff.

So yes, it's early.  But it sure is fun to watch.

Next up is a home game tomorrow night against Columbus.