Time to say goodbye

After five seasons of doing game recaps for the Worcester Sharks/San Jose Barracuda here on Fear the Fin, I regret to inform everyone that I am stepping down from doing the recaps.

I thought I could continue to give the thorough game recaps that readers have been accustomed to here since the 2011-12 season but finding the time this season has been a constant struggle and its only been getting worse.

It has been fun and amazing writing for Fear the Fin since August 2011. It was because of writing for Fear the Fin I got to do some cool things that I wouldn't have got a chance to do, such as telephone interviews with Worcester players during the 2011-12 season and getting to go to Worcester to see two games at the DCU Center during the team's last season in Worcester (Thank you again to all my Worcester friends that made that happen).

I have to give a Sharktastic thank you to Jason Plank for reaching out to me in August 2011 to do the Worcester Sharks recaps for Fear the Fin. Also, another huge Sharktastic thank you to Darryl Hunt of SharksPage as he was the one that gave me pointers and tips for my recaps, and was always there to answer any questions I had about Worcester hockey.

A Sharktastic thank you to all the staff here at Fear the Fin for volunteering their time to write about the game and team they love. Last but not least, a Sharktastic thank you to all the readers who have and continue to read our posts while sharing your thoughts in the comments section. If you had the patience to read through my recaps over the years, stick taps for you.

Before I sign off, thank you again to everyone and if you haven't already, be sure you check out the Barracuda on either AHL Live or on KDOW 1220 AM (the station is available on IHeartRadio).

Take care,