Today I'm Thankful

Today I'm thankful for Angy's optimism. ZeroIndulgence's passion. Bockerz's insight, Auth0r's photoshops, and DownRUpLYB's phenomenal screen name. Today I'm thankful for Evilducks' scorching wit and the fact that every thread will have an excellent and detailed opinion from ElvisVF101 that makes us all think. Not just think, but think.

Today I'm thankful.

I'm thankful for Ninanix and Khazz's generous use of the CAPS LOCK and sharkblood99's equally frequent use of the exclamation point! Morti and joe579's innate ability to make me laugh at every single comment. I'm thankful for stufflife's veteran presence, CTGray's cartoons, BritShark's dedication from halfway around the world, Soloact's long tenure following the team, and Nael M's astounding knowledge of Sharks history. Zombieskittles' rainbows and ievans astute and insightful thoughts.

I'm thankful for Will Bulldozer's goalie knowledge. Noctro's love for the phrase Nitty Nitty Bang Bang. BillyTheSid's profile picture. MissClowie29's upbeat attitude. Skilletboy's fair and balanced look at the team and ruben398's grasp of the statistical side of the sport. I'm thankful for jwizzle241's work in the game threads and 49er16's reminders to open up the damn threads when I'm off in la-la lazy land. Dmitry's love for the Sharks, BigJonAllRed's Worcester recaps, and waivekenthuskin's selfless generosity for offering discounted tickets to all our readers.

Today I'm thankful.

I'm thankful for sharks in oc being a fan deep in enemy territory. Ninjames work at SBN Bay Area. Buttercrunch and G_M for making us all realize that modern science hasn't cured all of society's ills. I'm thankful that Setothormarchooski drove me home after FTF Night At The Tank last year and stopped at Jack In The Box to get about fifteen tacos. I'm thankful for animaldiversion, Pavsisaninja, Wreckonized, Alex Houston, Soloact, Merope, Timorous Me, Jakebot, fatbabies, Jstats, Rhapsody In Teal, IsThisTheYear?, 1 and done, and stingfeyd.

I'm thankful for the people I inevitably missed in my thoughts today*. People who have been long time readers, people who have just found the internet yesterday. I'm thankful for future Sharks fans, old Sharks fans, and fans since the lockout. I'm thankful for readers who aren't around as much anymore, guys like Dave Valentine and Lurker Shark, ladies like AfroPuff, all excellent additions to the community who are sorely missed.

*Like SwisherThresher, SharksFanEst. 1994, TheOtherKid, Section223, and serrapadre, among others.

Today I'm thankful for mymclife's ability to wield photoshop like a sword and excellent articles. I'm thankful for idunno723's role as a moderator and burgeoning comedic sensibilities. I'm thankful for Ivan's amazing historical pieces that are woven into my heart strings. I'm thankful for TCY and all of our long chats on the phone and gchat, thankful that I am blessed with the best writing partner a guy could ever ask for.

Today I'm thankful for you Fear The Fin.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Go Sharks.