Tomas Hertl doesn't like Don Cherry, continues to be the best

The Sharks rookie continues to be the most adorable quote machine hockey has seen in a long time.

From the twittersphere this morning emerged one of the few bright spots in this offseason. And, as could have probably been expected, it came from phenom Tomas Hertl.

Credit to Europe Loves Hockey for the interview translation, and Thomas Drance for the screenshot.

The relevant portion of the translation:

Would you do that again? (his famous move during his 4 goal night)

Ofcourse I would! It would be making fun of somebody if I went to their bench and shouted something at them. But this? Afterall it was only Cherry who was really occupied with this thing and we all know he does not like Europeans. If you look closer who scores beautiful goals like that, it is mosty European players like Datsyuk and Forsberg. He as a Canadian does not like them, his reputation is built on that.

Have you ever met him?

No. I do not even want to. They would stab me in Canada if I said something against him. My teammates watch him all the time eventhough he says bullshit about players. I leave the room when I see him on TV. And his clothes...

You think Canadians have something against Europeans?

They want to show that hockey is their sport. They want to knock you down but it is not like they don't like Europeans in general.

Yea, seems like other journalists like you over there.

They are cool. Only few people had the same opinion as Cherry. Even Biron said that my move was sick.

I highly recommend reading the rest of the interview; there's some more great stuff about that famous October night.

Tomas Hertl has captured every Sharks fan's heart, from scoring two goals in his second game, then scoring four goals in this third; to providing us with incredibly adorable quotes such as "This is dream" and "Fun must be always"; to taking an unfortunate injury in stride; to not much liking LA; to discovering Dave & Buster's. Bucking the athlete norm and speaking out against anything - especially an out-of-touch analyst who put down his impressive athletic feat - just endears Hertl to all of hockey that much more.