Tomas Hertl uses his "big ass" to enter offensive zone

We love Hertl's big butt and we cannot lie.

All Tomas Hertl needs to enter the offensive zone is a big butt and a smile, or so he (mostly) told Jamie Baker before the Sharks 4-2 win over Tampa Bay on Tuesday night. We have Twitter user @Oakland_Brewer to thank for the following video, which unfortunately isn't available in a high quality version on the Internet just yet.

Beggars can't be choosers, but we're begging for this. I've got the interview transcribed below to the best of my ability -- it's a little tough to make out some of Hertl's exact wording.

Jamie: What do you try to bring to the line with the Joes?

Tomas: It's pretty hard playing with these guys because they're good and I want to keep it and with these two guys O want to be forecheck all night and strong on the puck and to help these guys find some spots because Jumbo is maybe best passer in the NHL and I just want to keep doing my job and the last couple of games have been very good I think.

Jamie: You say 'find a spot' they have a couple big defensemen on Tampa Bay. How do you get inside of them in the offensive zone?

Tomas: You know we, I'm big bodied too, just use my big ass too you know? And just play fast and keep moving puck and don't stop and we'll find some spot and score a couple goals.

We love you Tomas, and your big ass, too.