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Top 25 San Jose Sharks Under 25

Top 25 Under 25: Mario Ferraro takes our No. 1 spot

Top 25 Under 25: No. 2 William Eklund, A New Hope

The 2021 seventh-overall pick is the most hyped Sharks prospect in a long time.

Top 25 Under 25: No. 3 Jonathan Dahlen is back on track

Heading into his sophomore season, Dahlen is still looking to prove he’s got top-6 staying power.

Top 25 Under 25: No. 4 Rudolfs Balcers was meant to be

Balcers has seized his opportunity after an unconventional route back to the team that drafted him.

Top 25 Under 25: No. 5 Ryan Merkley on ‘prove it’ watch

Merkley was on more than just the Sharks’ radar during the 2018 draft.

Top 25 Under 25: No. 6 Jasper Weatherby is new fan favorite

A nice guy, plus a hard-working center? The Sharks struck gold in drafting Jasper Weatherby.

Top 25 Under 25: No. 7 Nikolai Knyzhov has big summer ahead

A sports hernia kept the defender out all season — will he be ready for 2022-23?

Top 25 Under 25: No. 8 Thomas Bordeleau is ready for the show

From college hockey to the NHL, Bordeleau had himself a season.

Top 25 Under 25: No. 9 Noah Gregor is set to take the next step

A burst of offense to close out the season shifted the narrative on the speedy forward.

Top 25 Under 25: No. 10 Ozzy Wiesblatt flies under the radar

The headliner of the Sharks’ 2020 draft class will make the jump to the professional level this upcoming season.

Top 25 Under 25: No. 11 Tristen Robins already brings experience

Robins is back on track after suffering an MCL sprain during the 2020-21 season.

Top 25 Under 25: No. 12 Brandon Coe had a breakout year

He’s your 2021-22 Sharks Prospect of the Year.

Top 25 Under 25: No. 13 Jayden Halbgewachs needs to out-play his size

It’s been a journey for the pint-sized winger to figure out how to translate his skill to the next level, against bigger and stronger competition.

Top 25 Under 25: Can No. 14 Nick Merkley break through?

The now-Rangers forward boosted the Barracuda’s scoring, but results have varied at the NHL level.

Top 25 Under 25: No. 15 Nicolas Meloche, a D-corps mainstay?

The Colorado Avalanche — who drafted Meloche — were once high on the defender.

Top 25 Under 25: No. 16 Daniil Gushchin is on fire

Daniil Guschin reminds me a lot of Andrei Svechnikov.

Top 25 Under 25: No. 17 Jeffrey Viel adds sandpaper

Viel offers fourth-line grit and determination.

Top 25 Under 25: No. 18 Santeri Hatakka is a defensive diamond in the rough

There’s a lot to like about what our No. 18-ranked Finn brings to the table.

Top 25 Under 25: No. 19 John Leonard’s upside isn’t fully realized, yet

The 23-year-old became the odd man out this season, and now he’s playing for a new contract.

Top 25 Under 25: No. 20 Artemi Kniazev is making up for lost time

The hype was high on Kniazev in 2019, and with another year or two in the AHL, his two-way game can only get better.

Top 25 Under 25: No. 21 Scott Reedy has room to develop

His first professional season is going well for the 22-year-old.

Top 25 Under 25: No. 22 Adam Raska is a wrecking ball

The definition of intensity, Raska is quickly becoming a fan favorite in San Jose.

Top 25 Under 25: No. 23 Benjamin Gaudreau could be the goalie of the future

Gaudreau was projecting to be a first-round pick before the pandemic, but fell to the third round, 81st overall.

Top 25 Under 25: No. 24 Zach Sawchenko is playing for a new contract

Sawchenko will be a free agent this summer, and a new contract with the Sharks is on the line.

Top 25 Under 25: No. 25 Lane Pederson is carving his own path

The undrafted forward has fought for an NHL spot — now he needs to figure out what he’s going to do with it.

Top 25 Under 25: Honorable Mentions

Five players almost made the cut.

Deep Blue Sea: Don’t forget to rank Top 25 Sharks Under 25!

Plus more reminiscing from Joe Thornton, prospects to watch in the Olympics and more in today’s news and notes.

Top 25 Under 25: Rank the 2021 edition

I think we should introduce a talent portion to the competition.

Top 25 Under 25: Has No. 20 Maxim Letunov made his case for the big club?

The 24-year-old has a chance to become a roster regular — what will he make of it?

Top 25 Under 25: No. 21 Tristen Robins is playing a bigger game than ever

Robins had to learn to outplay his size — now his size has caught up, and so has his game.

Top 25 Under 25: No. 22 Jayden Halbgewachs broke through with Barracuda

The undersized winger has proven himself time and again along the way — can he break through to the big league this year?

Top 25 Under 25: No. 23 Zach Gallant was once OHL’s most improved — what’s next?

This newcomer earned a contract at Sharks development camp, but also showed off a riskier side to his play.