Torrey Mitchell's New Blog Post


[Image Courtesy of That'll Cheech You]

I'd be remiss not to mention this, as Torrey Mitchell has a new post up on his blog at team teal's main webpage. The injured forward talks about college hockey allegiances and the banter that occurs amongst the players concerning those rivalries.

Although Mitchell's blog can be entertaining at times, nothing beats Marcel Goc's quips from last year. My personal favorite:

I personally have also had a few big victories of my own playing chess. I’ve been playing Ryan Stenn (our Media Relations and Travel Coordinator) and we’ve been battling pretty good on the plane and on off days. Sometimes I take a little more time for my moves, and I think that drives him crazy and he looses his concentration (he has a weak brain). Now that I know his weakness I will take even more time for my moves and wear him down.

- Marcel Goc's Blog

He then goes on to mention how he deleted all but ten songs on his iPod before a long road trip. Stenn may have a weak brain, but I'd wager he's a little more tech savvy than Mr. Goc.