Tuesday Chum Bucket: Bulls sign Torrey Mitchell

  • San Francisco Bulls forward Dean Ouellet had the best reaction ever when asked his thoughts on former Shark Torrey Mitchell signing with the team until the lockout ends: "I’ve played with him on Xbox and he’s pretty fast there." [The Gackle Report]
  • David Pollak's interview with former MLB commissioner Fay Vincent regarding Donald Fehr is a phenomenal read. Here's Vincent making as much sense as anyone has during this process: "The insight that everybody comes to ultimately is that without the players there is no game. And you can fight with them only so long because you can't get along without them. If you ever want to have a game and you're an owner, you have to give them their way." [San Jose Mercury News]
  • The NHLPA presented a counterproposal to the league's offer from last week yesterday and the sides are expected to meet at some point today for further negotiations. [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • Player pensions, an issue thought to have been settled weeks ago, may be re-emerging as contentious according to reports that players disliked that aspect of the NHL's proposal. [CBC]
  • The issues present during the 2012 NHL lockout are basically the same as those that led to the 1992 players' strike. [Backhand Shelf]
  • What could an NHL without an entry draft, which is a remote possibility if the PA decides to legitimately decertify, look like? [Hockey Prospectus]