Trade Deadline Thread

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Deadline: Noon PST. Trades trickle through for a couple hours afterward due to backup at the league office though; keep your eyes peeled.

Tracker: TSN has a good breakdown of all the news that can be found here.

Use this post for all comments concerning the various stuff you are hearing, and as always, please bring a link to the table if you are discussing rumors and/or announcing trades.

FTF Trade Target Articles

Dennis Seidenberg (FLA)
Jan Hedja, Raffi Torres (CBJ)

Braydon Coburn (PHI)

Pavel Kubina (ATL)

Tomas Kaberle (TOR)

The Pursuit for a Defenseman Reignited

Does San Jose make a deal? I really have no idea. It's hard to read Doug Wilson and I'm not about to start today.

Frankly, the trade deadline gives me a headache. I enjoy all the speculation and everything, but at some point I just want to watch the team that is going to take the ice during the 2010 playoffs. Finally focus on hockey and leave all the other stuff on the backburner.

For better or worse, that starts today.

Go Sharks.