Tuesday Chum Bucket: Dan Boyle's window is closing

  • 36-year-old defenseman Dan Boyle (who would have just one year remaining on his contract if this season gets wiped) talks about his window to win another Stanley Cup closing. [Working the Corners]
  • The Sharks lost their home opener to the New York Rangers last night...according to Meg's access to a parallel universe in which the lockout was avoided. [Battle of California]
  • Only the NHL is incompetent enough to generate terrible public relations with an attempt to improve their public relations. But that's what happened yesterday as details of a secret NHL focus group led by a top GOP strategist in order to sell the public a more favorable view of ownership were leaked to the public. They likely paid this guy a gigantic sum of money for his insightful conclusion that fans want hockey back. [Deadspin]
  • In CBA negotiations news that actually matters, the owners and players are scheduled to meet today. Hopefully to discuss things of consequence unlike the last dozen meetings. [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • Friend of the blog We're Gonna Need a Bigger Podcast released a new episode for download last week. [iTunes]
  • A must-read from Elliotte Friedman: how the NHL can learn from Donald Fehr's old opponent, Major League Baseball. [CBC]
  • Among players who have been on the ice for at least 100 goals since 2008, only Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin and Jordan Eberle have recorded a higher individual points percentage than the Sharks' Logan Couture. [NHL Numbers]
  • Finally, a brief history of Dominik Hasek's illustrious career in light of recent news that he's decided to retire for the fourth or fifth time. [Down Goes Brown]/