Tuesday Chum Bucket: Demers could be available soon

Your daily assortment of links to news and analysis around the hockey world.

  • Jason Demers didn't skate with the rest of his teammates at Sharks Ice yesterday and was wearing a cast but, despite reports that his recovery from a wrist injury might take even longer than the expected three weeks, he apparently shouldn't miss too many games if the season begins January 19th. [Working the Corners]
  • Speaking of injuries to Sharks defensemen, Douglas Murray says he can play fully healthy this season after being banged up most of last year, leading to the most disappointing campaign of his NHL career. [CSN Bay Area]
  • How does a shortened season affect the Sharks, or any other team in the NHL for that matter? [CSN Bay Area]
  • Head coach Todd McLellan was made available to media yesterday and answered a few questions. Here's a full transcript. [Inside Hockey]
  • We've covered the Luongo Rule already but here's more from Pierre LeBrun on revisions to the new CBA, including the ability for teams to retain as much as 50% of a player's salary and/or cap hit after trading him. [LeBrun]
  • Jason Arnott is skating in Texas while wearing a Dallas Stars practice jersey. So we might have to cross another name off the potential third-line center upgrade list. [Defending Big D]
  • Despite all the game cancellations, even a 50-game schedule beginning next week wouldn't be awfully compressed according to James Mirtle. [The Globe & Mail]
  • Andrew Ference (and Sarah at SCoP) is really awesome. [Stanley Cup of Chowder]
  • Why the United States government should take over the National Hockey League. [Battle of California]
  • Most of us are more than happy to forget the lockout and move on with watching hockey but Ryan Lambert nails it here: "Never forget this was a lockout. Never forget this was put upon you and the players and the sport by the owners. Never forget the two biggest engines in all this weren't poor, put-upon teams in tough markets, but rather financial giants whose sole motivation was greed and the desire to squeeze just an extra dime or two out of every dollar spent. They certainly accomplished their goal." [Puck Daddy]
  • The ten types of terrible people we can finally say goodbye to now that the lockout is over. [Grantland]
  • Also thanks to the lockout ending, PGI got to finish his epic trilogy with H.R.R. Tolkien's "The Return Of The League." [Lighthouse Hockey]
  • In a shortened season, the Canucks (and other teams) won't have the luxury of experimenting with their roster, player deployment or system. [Canucks Army]