Tuesday Links Roundup: On picking sides in the ongoing CBA war

  • Ellen Etchingham discusses why it's okay to be emotionally invested in what amounts to little more than a business negotiation and why public opinion seems to be siding with the Players' Association. [Backhand Shelf]
  • More on how the NHL is losing the PR war. Archived quotes from Gary Bettman certainly aren't helping. [Defending Big D]
  • Brodie Brazil has some great points about the negotiations, especially this one: "Why are the two sides not forced to negotiate during the final 12 months of the current arrangement? Essentially, the first proposals should have been hoisted LAST September 15th, so that we would not be arriving at this deadline with such a rushed threat." [CSN Bay Area]
  • How did the 2005 lockout and resulting CBA affect forward salaries in the NHL? Tyler Dellow investigates. [mc79hockey]
  • The season may not be starting for a while but THN came out with their standings predictions. This is the publication that picked the likes of Buffalo, Anaheim and Montreal to make the playoffs last year, New Jersey to finish 11th, Phoenix to finish 14th and Ottawa to finish last in the East so it's probably best not to treat this as gospel. [The Hockey News]
  • An agreement was reached for the NHL to retain control of Jobing.com arena in Glendale for one more month, presumably giving former Sharks owner Greg Jamison enough time to complete his purchase of the Coyotes. [AZ Central]