Two That Got Away

Owen Nolan has signed a two year deal with the Wild.  In a way I'm surprised he signed with anyone; the way he was trying to keep his emotions in check at the end of the Sharks-Flames series this past season led me to believe he had just played his final game.  Obviously I was wrong.  Nothing new there.

The advantage of being a fan is having the luxury of going with your heart when it comes time to contemplate who you'd like to see on your team. Nolan was and is my favorite player who currently dons or has ever donned a teal sweater. Whether he would have fit in with Los Tiburones circa 2008 I don't know. There's also the salary cap, RFAs that need to be signed, and all those other things I'm more than willing to let Doug Wilson worry about. That all duly noted, I would have been one happy boy to have him back in San Jose. Like I said, don't know about the reality side of things. But I wish he would have signed here.

Meanwhile, on the other end of the affection equation Todd Bertuzzi has signed a one year deal with Calgary.  If he continues to play like he's afraid of himself no big, but should this coming season see him regain his edge he would have been a valuable addition up front.  Ah well.  Back to wondering what's next personnel-wise.