Tyler Myers will not face suspension for Tommy Wingels hit

The Department of Player Safety strikes again!

Winnipeg Jets forward Tyler Myers will not face suspension, or even a fine it appears, for his cross check of Tommy Wingels in Tuesday's win. This information comes from Friend of the Blog Kevin Kurz.

I doubt we'll receive an explanation from the league on this, but I'm honestly not sure what they could say. Myers, unprovoked, goes after the head of an unsuspecting player with his stick. Again, in a league that allegedly cares about the safety of its players, this should be an automatic suspension.

You can quibble with the DoPS about length and fines all you want, but there's no excuse for letting a play like this go unpunished. Wingels could have been seriously injured on this play, though I suspect that he wasn't had something to do with the ruling.

It's another frustrating turn with the DoPS, a group which consistently seems to have no idea what it's doing. If I was a player in the NHL, I'd have very little confidence that the one group looking out for my safety could actually deliver on its mission.