Vegas’ Notebook Revealed

Many Bothans Died to Bring Us This Information.

If you are a hockey fan who is active on Twitter dot com, you are no doubt aware of the Las Vegas Golden Knights official account. It is a wellspring of hilarious jokes, typically at the expense of whoever Las Vegas is playing on a given night. It is astonishing how they can crank out the Grade-A material on a regular basis.

The trick to doing the good tweets, like telling any joke, is preparation. We here at Fear the Fin Hockey Blogging and Aerospace Engineering, LLC did some sleuthing, and were able to snap a picture of the notes that the Las Vegas Twitter account has prepared in advance of tonight’s game against the Sharks. We are sorry to spoil their fun, but felt it best for Sharks fans to be fully prepared for the hilarious jokes that Last Vegas will be making at the Sharks’ expense.

Simply devastating, but also the level of hilarity that we have come to expect from the Las Vegas social media team.